Samantha is available to speak at your event!

Since 2013 I have spoken at corporate, open-source, and educational events across the world. Decks for some of my popular talks are available on Speakerdeck and below are videos of me on stage. I am always happy to create custom content for your event. Get in touch if you'd like to discuss having me!

Before you consider inviting me to speak at your event, please understand the following requirements.


Code of Conduct

I will not speak at events that do not have a publicly available code of conduct, or which have a history of failing to enforce their code of conduct. Sorry.


Travel & Lodging

If your event requires me to travel, travel and lodging costs must be covered by the event. 



On average it takes more than 40 hours to create a presentation. I expect to be fairly compensated for my work creating content for your event, unless your event is not for profit.